Culture on Purpose

How your team works together affects their productivity and outcomes. Dysfunctional teams means less than optimal work productivity. I bring your team together to explore how to work as a community and how to support greater inclusion of personalities, opinions and skills.

Increase inclusion

It’s easy to avoid addressing issues of race, culture, gender, sexual identity, ability and religion. The more we can  talk about the things that normally separate us, the more we can create a welcoming and inclusive environment. The more we can understand our own biases, the better able we are to interrupt them.

Explore Change

Change is a fact of life. Teams that engage the full skills and capabilities of all their members are more productive. I bring collaborative tools to strengthen leadership and teamwork and allow for effective management of complex situations and processes.

The most powerful thing in the world is a group of people who hold the answers to their own futures.

Let me help your group unlock the future today.

McKenzie is a sharp facilitator and intellectual who is skilled in the areas of communication and stakeholder engagement. McKenzie’s keen understanding of the asset-based approach in community building is advanced. Any organization would benefit greatly from her involvement.
Elaine Hudson

Hands On Atlanta

McKenzie is a combination of strong commitments, clear direction, and joyous creativity. She turns ordinary conversations into explorations and new directions. Her energy draws people together.
Jon Abercrombie

Common Focus

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