“Only about one-third of the U.S. workforce strongly agrees that the mission or purpose of their company makes them feel their job is important,”

A Gallup article on company purpose finds. Engaged employees who feel aligned with company brand “perform higher” on key metrics. The article also states that, in classic fashion, the actions of organizations speak louder than words!

Organizations that have a stated mission but whose actions do not uphold that mission are more likely to experience dysfunctional culture.

Culture is created by a combination of factors including shared values and behaviors.

In a business setting, organizational culture stems from a set of shared assumptions about stated values and purpose of the organization. A true mission statement guides an organization in becoming something greater than the sum of its parts. Organizations that uphold their mission statement through their actions are those that are aligned with a higher purpose than just revenue generation – though no one in leadership at said company will deny that revenue generation is key!

In organizations where employees feel valued, where they feel that their work is aligned to this greater purpose, and that their work matters, tend to have greater engagement and, ultimately, more productivity.

Organizations that treat their employees like machines, that disregard the creative gifts, talents and skills are those which get a bad reputation and tend to have high turn over, no matter how good their product or their mission statement!

So get your employees engaged!

Listen to them, ask them for input and above all, make sure that your organization is living up to its mission statement in all ways. And if you don’t have a mission statement about aligning with a greater purpose than just revenue generation – get one soon! (And call me, I can help with that too…)

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