The right tool for the job

I love a well-facilitated meeting. Helping people uncover their own wisdom or working with a group to help them meet their own goals – that is the sweetest! During my executive director years I experienced a lot of facilitation. The wide range of amazing...

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Bringing the sparkle

Office culture can make or break a person. It can take a committed employee and turn them into a bitter shriveled person or it can uplift a person and spur on their desire to contribute and participate. And while it is up to each of us to figure out our own response...

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Moving beyond the soundbite

Privilege. Diversity. Micro-aggressions. Intersectionality.  White supremacy. Cultural appropriation. Identity politics. Alt right. Neo con and on and on and on. It's enough to make your head swim. People (self included) throw around these left and right words left...

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Developing compassion

“The scientific study of compassion suggests that compassion may be of crucial importance for our individual physical and psychological health.” In this increasingly-polarized world, active listening and compassion may be two of the most needed tools. Listening...

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Does the world owe you something?

I love a good and respectful debate where people can share their views and really hear each other. This last week I engaged in a very long Facebook conversation with a friend of mine who has very different views from me. We kept the conversation going for awhile and...

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Listening Fearlessly

I had occasion to hear Dr. George Yancey speak on white privilege in the classroom. He has much to say on the subject of race from his unique perspective of being among the 1.1% of African-American philosophers and I can not in any way do justice to the depth and...

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People Aren’t Diverse

People aren’t diverse and, in fact, neither are places. I could get all grammatically geeky here about why workplaces “aren’t diverse” but the point I really want to make is that people aren’t diverse. Workplaces have (or don’t have) diversity. Communities have...

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Call the Midwife!

Sometime last year I stumbled on to the PBS show Call the Midwife. As a former lay midwife myself, I was immediately hooked. It provided a wonderful counterpoint to the last two shows I had been fixated on - Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones! Call the Midwife is a...

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Can We Listen?

While on vacation (yay vacations!) I read a delightful book about a thwarted romance, the repercussions of which stretched over three generations. The original conflict stemmed from a harrowing experience that the individuals perceived totally differently. One event,...

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